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Uses and applications

With Multiperl ® you obtain an insulated and lightweight concrete to be applied on concrete slabs and roofs, wood or laminated.

Multiperl Sil

Multiperl Sil ® is composed by mineral perlite treated with coating to be used for walls and block filler without adding weight

Premium Perlite

Premium Perlite ® is used to obtain adequate abrasiveness and softening on textile treatment.

Multiperl Hortícola

Multiperl ® Horticultural is used as a substrate, soil improver on the agricultural, horticultural and gardening applications.

Filtra Perl

Expanded Mineral Perlita, excellent as a filter aid for food, beverages, minerals, pharmaceuticals sulfates and pharmaceutic products.

Multiperl F Grado Criogénico

Expanded Mineral Perlite of low density, ideal to be used as insulating material for cryogenic tanks.

Filtra Perl Química

The Filter Aids from Grupo Perlita de la Laguna are sterile, inert and are widely used for filtration of liquids in chemical industries. Company with ISO 9001: 2008